Flagship Workpiece, Born for High Industrial Efficieny
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Flagship Flight Platform
Fearless Wild Operation, Strong&Powerful
Compact, lightweight and portable design, with powerful&compatible payloads, S400 meets the needs of efficient operation.
Max Flight Time
Max Loading
Max Take-off Altitude
Level 7
Max Wind Resistance
Multi-machine Relay Networking, Cross-barrier Communication
S400 has industry-leading relay networking technology, support "One-Control -Two" (one remote controls two drones), "Two-Control-One" (two remote controls one drone) and "Star Networking" (multi-UAV linkage networking) modes. In the face of long-distance&obstacle crossing, such as mountains, buildings, and even areas without network, one piece of S400 drone is enough for signal relay, which can break through the operating boundaries of conventional drones and easily deal with complex terrain
Millimeter Wave Radar Perception, Day&Night Obstacle Avoidance
“Visual obstacle avoidance + millimeter wave radar" dual obstacle avoidance fusion technology endows the S400 with day and night omnidirectional environmental perception and obstacle avoidance capabilities
63mins Flight Time
63mins long battery life brings more powerful working strength. Compared with traditional UAVs under performing the same amount of tasks, the number of battery swaps of S400 can be significantly reduced, effectively improving the efficiency of task execution.
Megapixel Thermal Camera, No Details Should Be Missed
With an effective infrared pixel of 1280*1024, the industry-leading "the eye of infrared", insight and perception of more details; dual-light fusion imaging, showing a clearer edge than single infrared and outline details.
Dual Channel, Clear&Convenient
"Visible light + infrared" dual-channel superimposed imaging at one time, the edge and outline details are clearer, no need to check repeatedly, and the tedious work can be done in one step.
Wider Field of View, Eliminating Dead Spots
57.5°×47.4° wide field of view, with a richer capture angle at the same distance, you can shoot a wider picture and eliminate the "dead angle" of shooting.
21T Computing Power Quadra-sensor Camera
It has 21TOPS computing power, which greatly improves the computing speed and accuracy of target recognition, motion analysis, and image processing. It can be used for power defect recognition,human face recognition, motion detection, etc.
With a super load capacity of 3kg, it can carry a variety of payloads, meet the professional operation needs of different industries such as utility, fire-fighting, environmental protection, law enforcement, and comprehensive social management. The professional-grade S400 with super powerful performance with a backpack size, which is light and convenient, and user-friendly in field operations.
15KM HD Video Transmission
The stable and reliable link ensures the real-time images and data information of the operation can quickly returned, and the remote operation is real-time and efficient.
One Machine For Multiple Purposes, Speeding Up The "Sharing Economy" Era
S400 is compatible in multi-scenarios, it can simultaneously cover multiple application requirements and supports dual mount and enough for complex working requirements.
Portable All-in-one Remote Control
The external battery does not exceed 1.25kg to reduce the work load. High-resolution, high-brightness large-size touch screen, not afraid of dazzling sunlight, full screen display.
GDU Flight Ⅱ App
GDU Flight II App is the flight software for S400, which integrates various professional functions, and easy to use. The flight planning function can be used to set the route, control the drone to operate autonomously, simplify the work process and improve the work efficiency.
Multi-payloads Compatible
PDL-1K Dual-sensor Camera
Combining 1K ultra-high-resolution infrared and 1-inch CMOS visible light, it can take 48 megapixel photos, which can be clearly observed no matter it is day or night, and it is widely used.
PDL-300 Dual-sensor Camera
The details of the shooting target can be catched clear, whether it is day or night. It can be used clearly at night, it meets industrial applications high standards on image quallity and light weight.
PLI01 LiDar
It is a lightweight professional equipment developed for multi-rotor platforms. It integrates light and compact lidar systems, inertial navigation systems, control systems and high-resolution mapping cameras. It can efficiently collect high-precision point cloud data and rich image information.
PQL01 Quadra-sensor Camera
It perfectly combined wide-angle, visible light, zoom, infrared thermal camera and the long-distance precise laser camera, and the intelligent linkage and complementary advantages between multiple types of sensors provide more power for the industrial drones, break the visual limitations, and not missiong area and details. A UAV can be applicable for multiple applications.
PVL-8K Camera
Easily capture 48 megapixel photos, and 4K @30fps Video, fine and clear imaging,providing extraordinary insight.
PDL-1K Dual-sensor Camera
PDL-300 Dual-sensor Camera
PLI01 LiDar
PQL01 Quadra-sensor Camera
PVL-8K Camera
UAV Management Platform
The UAV live cloud platform integrates the functions of information gathering, processing and synchronization. It is used together with GDU Flight II to realize data cloud, interchange and expand the capability of aircraft.
Power Grid
Police Law-enforcement
Aerial Surveying
Smart City
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