Police Law-enforcement
With UAVs, AI and big data analysis software, we provides UAV solutions for police applications, using target recognition, infrared thermal imaging, UAV automatic flight, positioning and tracking technologies to complete 3D auto inspection and assist the task execution.
Street Police
Alarm in Seconds
Quick Linkage
Traffic Inspection
Police patrol
Real time monitoring of road conditions
Accident remote forensics
Intelligent transportation analysis
Key Products
PQL01 Quadra-sensor Camera
PVL-8K Camera
Increase detection range
Identify targets quickly
Air lock tracking
Improve catch ability
Key Products
PDL-300 Dual-sensor Camera
CO396/CO397 Cooled Infrared Dual-sensor Monitoring Camera
Unmanned work
UAV and automatic docking station work together to realize unmanned operation and remote control, saving time and effort
Timely response, quickly alarm
After discovering the emergency, the drone will automatically take off from the docking station and quickly arrive
High-altitude multi-dimensional perception
The high-altitude perspective of the UAV can quickly obtain the overall situation and collect multi-dimensional information
Multiple uses
The UAV supports dual payloads, which can perform comprehensive operations, meet the needs of complex operations, and cover multiple types of applications at the same time
Key Products
PDL-1K Dual-sensor Camera
PVL-8K Camera
User Cases
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