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PVL-4K Camera (New Version)

Equal focal length, capable of taking 13 million resolution photos, equipped with a three-axis stabilization gimbal, and can be adapted to other brands of drones by being equipped with a gimbal hub box, mainly suitable for GDUS300 series, GDUS500 series and etc.

POC01 Ortho Camera

Professional UAV mapping lens with simple operation, high resolution imaging and high efficiency.Equipped with a 61-megapixel full-frame image sensor, three-axis stabilization gimbal,which provides higher image quality and richer details.It can not only be used to take orthophoto images, but also for close-range photogrammetry to establish high-quality refined models.

POP05 Oblique Camera

With cost-effective APS format, high-pixel camera, it can be adapted to the mainstream rotary-wing/fixed-wing drones in the market. It adopts a mature general-purpose optical module on the market, with a total pixel of 120 million. It supports independent POS data to input photos, and multiple cameras are exposed simultaneously. The captured images can be sent back to the remote control through the aircraft image transmission system, and support APP real-time viewing.It can be equiped with mainstream flight platforms in the market, and is widely used in smart cities, topographic mapping, planning,etc.

PVL-10X Visible Light Gimbal Camera

The zoom range is 4.9~49mm, it can record 30fps full HD video, take 14MP photos, and output high-definition partial and detailed images in real time, which has outstanding advantages in close-up shooting. The weight is less than 0.5kg, which is easy to carry and can easily adapt to other brands of drones.

PVL-30x Zoom Gimbal Camera

Adopting 30x optical zoom 4K-level ultra-high-definition lens, realization of Intelligent tracking function based on kernel correlation and scale information filtering algorithm, capture clear and high-quality pictures. High-precision three-axis stabilization, the angular jitter is only ±0.01°, which ensures the high stability of the gimbal during various maneuvers of the aircraft.

PVL-35x Zoom Gimbal Camera

The camera adopts a 35x optical zoom lens, 2.38 million effective pixels of starlight level CMOS, and the mechanical angle range of the gimbal is -340°~+340°, the roll mechanical angle range is -50°~+50°, and the tilt mechanical angle range is -140°~+50°, so as to ensure the stability of the gimbal when shooting during various maneuvers of the drone. With excellent low illumination ability and high sensitivity, it can still display clear images under weak light conditions. With complementary light lamp, it can perfectly take into account the use scene of day and night.

PTL One Trio-sensor Camera

It uses advanced intelligent algorithm to perfectly integrate the three functions of visible light camera,thermal imager and medium and far range laser camera. It can also take into account different operating requirements in the same scene to achieve a real efficiency revolution. It plays an irreplaceable role in electric power inspection, forest fire fighting, target search, police investigation, security law enforcement, precise determination of control point coordinates, military field and other multi-purpose scenes.

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