More Payloads
PDR01 Thrower

Weight of 320 grams, it enjoys an ultra-high throwing load of 40 kg. It can complete four throwing tasks in a single flight, can be used in emergency rescue, material delivery and other work.

PFL01 Gimbal Search Light

Using 4 sets of optical imaging components, the maximum effective irradiation area is up to 1225 square meters, which improves the aerial irradiation effect of drones at night to a new height. The ultra-lightweight design weighs only 750 grams and has a rated power of up to 120W, which can efficiently meet the needs of night work.

PMP01 Megaphone

GDU-TECH Co., Ltd(hereinafter GDU) is a high-tech enterprise integrating UAV R&D, production, sales, operation and maintenance and data operation. It was established in 2015 and headquartered in

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