PQL01 Quadra-sensor Camera
4 Makes Invincible One
It perfectly combines visible light, wide-angle, infrared thermal imager, and high-precision laser for medium and long distances. The intelligent linkage and complementary between multiple types of sensors break through visual limitations, meeting multiple application requirements in the same scene, bringing unprecedented sensing and imaging capabilities to industry-level UAVs
AI Intelligent Algorithm
21TOPS computing power, cloud collaboration to meet multi-sensor fusion computing, provide multi-scene AI algorithms to meet the needs of automated tasks
48mega Ultra-clear Pixels
The zoom visible light gimbal has up to 48 million pixels, and supports 18x optical zoom and 144x hybrid zoom.
Infrared Precise Temperature Measurement
Using a new self-developed ceramic infrared movement to meet the requirements of lightweight and high performance at the same time, the thermal imaging effect is more accurate
High-precision Ranging&Positioning
The laser ranging distance is up to 1500m, and the latitude and longitude coordinates and distance of the detection center can be quickly located with the help of the intelligent spotting function of laser positioning.
Power Inspection
Oil Pipeline Inspection
PV Inspection
City fire-fighting
Forest Fire-fighting
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