PLI01 LiDar
Engraving a 3D World
PLI01 lidar is a lightweight professional equipment developed for multi-rotor platforms. It integrates light and compact lidar systems, inertial navigation systems, control systems and high-resolution mapping cameras. It can efficiently collect high-precision point cloud data and richThe rich image information is widely used in the acquisition of three-dimensional spatial information in the fields of surveying and mapping, electric power, forestry, agriculture, land planning, geological disasters, and mine safety.
Supporting Triple Echo
With excellent point cloud penetration of three echoes, even in scenes with high vegetation coverage, you can obtain complete understory terrain data information
High-quality Point Cloud
Fusion GNSS, high-precision inertial navigation, to generate centimeter-level high-precision results, presenting more accurate 3D scenes for job requirements
Efficient Operation
Distance measurement capability up to 450m (80% reflectivity), single operation area up to 2k㎡, efficient and flexible to meet the needs of each operation
One-click Software Service
A series of software can provide users with integrated solutions such as one-click processing of point cloud data, automatic route planning, point cloud defect analysis, etc.
Aerial Surveying
Power Grid
Forestry Monitoring
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