PDL-300 Dual-sensor Camera
It can easily take 48 million effective pixel photos, and the details of the shooting target are fully visible. It supports dual optical channels, and can be observed clearly no matter it is day or night. It meets the high-quality data requirements of the surveying and aerial photography market, and can also perfectly meet the industrial requirements. Apply high-standard image quality and dual-light lightweight demands. Small and portable, travel on demand, widely used in electric power inspection, oil pipeline inspection, photovoltaic inspection, urban fire protection, forest fire protection and other industries.
Dual Channel, Day&Night Detection
Infrared and visible light dual channels, enabling 24-hour uninterrupted clear imaging
Capture 48-megapixel photos, ultra-clear details for industrial needs
Infrared Precise Temperature Measurement
Infrared imaging is clear, enhancing the detailed imaging effect of specific targets in complex scenes, creating a high-definition imaging experience, high sensitivity, and accurate temperature measurement
High-efficiency Multi-scenario Application
Excellent performance, it can help users in the power, ecology, emergency, fire protection, security and other industries to open efficient inspection and law enforcement modes
Power Grid
PV Inspection
Border Monitoring
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