Accelerating Aerial Infrastructure, Empower UAV Auto Mode
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New Definition of Unattended Duty
Integrated Design with S400
K01 auto docking station, adopting an integrated design with S400 UAV, combining with solutions and services with IP rights, it redefines the industry UAV on-duty inspection mode, using innovative technology continue to boost industrial productivity
Rolling Cover, Worry-free Wind, Snow and Freezing Rain&Falling Objects
K01 adopts a unique rolling-type cover, which is not afraid of wind, snow, freezing rain and falling objects.
Cloud Control, Efficient Cruise
The integrated control of UAV docking station&UAVs, combined with a full range of intelligent payloads, efficiently enable unmanned inspection scenarios in multiple industries and fields.
Hard-core Industrial Design Capabilities
Technological and functional, all-weather precise take-off and landing
Smart Lighting
Built-in Air Conditioner ,Constant Temperature Environment
Highly Integrated Electric Control Box, UPS Power Supply
Reliable Performance&Comprehensive Protection
No fear of wind and rain, easily deal with severe weather, high performance and stand by
Battery Health Management
Through intelligent control and automatic adjustment, the battery charge and discharge protection is realized and the battery life is prolonged.
Backup Power Failure Protection
Support the hangar power failure 4 hours cloud online, to ensure the safe return of the drone
Adapt to -35℃ to 50℃
Equipped with 850W intelligent air conditioner, it can work normally in harsh environments, and can be on call at any time without fear of severe cold and heat
Level 6 Wind Resistance, Safe Landing
The maximum wind power that the aircraft can withstand during take-off and landing is 12m/s, and the maximum wind resistance level is 15m/s; the whole hangar is IP54 standard,Cope with bad weather and complex application scenarios calmly
Intelligent&Accurate Perception
All terrain automatic weather station
Intelligent Management&Control Relay
With one-click activation, the drone will take off automatically; under emergencies, the dock will be intelligently managed and controlled, and the entire process can be completed independently without other operations.
Auto Weather Station System
The weather station integrates meteorological elements such as wind speed, rainfall, temperature, humidity, and air pressure, and has a more comprehensive perception.
24hrs Real-time Monitoring
Both inside and outside of K01 are equipped with HD cameras to achieve 24-hour real-time monitoring.
Real-time Data Perception
K01 has built-in smoke, water, temperature and other sensors in the cabin to realize the real-time perception of the dock status and protect the safe flight of the drone.
UVER Smart Command Platform
Empower More Efficient Inspection
It uses the network as a media to realize the remote interconnection between the UAV Dock, the command center and the operation site. It can remotely issue tasks to the UAV Dock and the UAV anytime, anywhere, and the UAV Dock and the UAV can realize real-time image transmission, the results will be automatically uploaded after the task is completed.
Work Flow
After the user remotely plan& assigns the task, the cloud server will automatically parses the task, and the UAV Dock + drone automatically executes the task, once task is completed, the UAV will return to the UAV Dock, and carry out data return and data analysis, and distribute the data analysis results to the user
Building A Low-altitude Technology Platform
Through the linkage operation of self-developed drones, intelligent payloads and docking station, integrating leading technologies such as big data, machine learning, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, etc., combined with the operation needs of multiple industries and fields, we have created a universal operation Management system, GDU skynet operation management system is used to build a low-altitude multi-dimensional data perception ecology and UAV sharing platform. Through intelligent scene analysis and processing, it truly realizes one-network management of low-altitude resources
Multi-device Management
It can view the operation data and status information of multiple dock at the same time, which is convenient for overall management and control
AI Smart Analysis
Provides data identification&analysis functions in different industries&scenarios to assist users in decision-making
Data Notification
Recognzing&analysing the collected data, based on the business department, it can realize data isolation&precise push
Power Grid
Police Law-enforcement
Aerial Surveying
Smart City
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