Hand-held Scope
Z-DIR639 Binocular infrared/low-light bi-optical composite telescope

It is mainly used for single-soldier hand-held day and night reconnaissance, and has a strong ability to recognize camouflage. The product has four modes: low light level, thermal imaging, fusion black and white, and fusion color, with contrast adjustment, brightness adjustment, and focus, image polarity conversion and other functions.

Z-ST61 Monocular Infrared Thermal Imaging Telescope

Z-ST61 is a professional handheld infrared thermal imaging telescope with 400×300 resolution .The camera and full-color high-resolution HD display provide excellent imaging results. With open image quality adjustment,smoothreproductionVarious operation functions such as large, rough distance measurement, picture-in-picture, etc., can customize personalized observation screens according to different scenes. supportVarious external accessories, strong expansibility, long battery life, sturdiness and durability, suitable for various environments.

Z-DTN Binocular Handheld Telescope

It follows the design of classic binocular telescopes, which can greatly reduce the fatigue of long-term observation. It uses a high-sensitivity vanadium oxide uncooled infrared detector and a full-color OLED 1024X768 high-definition display, bringing you a clear image effect and an immersive observation experience. Photographing, video recording, WIFI, laser ranging, GPS, compass, various functions are available to meet all your needs.

Z-DIR6322A-WM Light Multifunctional Refrigeration Handset

It is used for approaching observations at night or under bad weather, battlefield, find out the enemy's situation and terrain, and assist in improving the observation target and shooting effect. The product integrates infrared thermal imaging camera, visible light, laser rangefinder, satellite positioning (GPS or Beidou), electronic compass, and storage module. Individual soldiers can use this equipment to conduct day and night long-distance reconnaissance, and can measure the target target. To obtain the geographic coordinates of the target, improve the day and night reconnaissance capabilities, and provide direct support for combatants to control the battlefield.

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